Large Tote

If a large capacity is what you need then the large tote is just the ticket. At 18" long by 10" wide, this tote is the largest we offer. ( sorry.. No oil or tools included) 

Our Products

Grinder Vise, angle grinder attachment, $19.99

A great way to safely cut small or loose objects with an angle grinder.(grinder not included)

Medium Tote

Our most popular medium tote is 12" long by 8" wide. perfect for art supply's or gardening tools.(unfortunately the art supply's aren't included)

E-tron wall mount

The original wall mount. Now with locking capability. Great for any garage, condo, or business.

Small Tote

At 8" long by 6" wide this tote is great for smaller items or 6- 12oz bottles. (sorry beer is not included)